About Us

NIT has over 60 years of experience in information technology including 10 years working within the Pre-K to 12th grade educational areas.

Our goal is to design, implement, maintain and secure a network to be used as both a teaching and learning tool.

The philosophy is to custom design the most effective solution requiring the minimum amount of support while addressing all the complexities of each individual school/corporation’s needs.

NIT’s commitment is reflected in our ability to not only assist schools/corporations in acquiring the proper funding for technology but also by providing the technical resources that guarantee a successful and long standing technologically advanced curriculum and network infrastructure.

NIT will be a resource to the school or company for information about technology, products, and services that are available. For schools, we will provide information that the school can include with their grant application, as the supporting documentation which describes in detail the products and services being requested. We also provide staff and curriculum development and hardware purchasing.

The scope of our expertise enables us to be responsible for the entire installation. You will be assigned a project manager who will response to any questions you may have.

Network Information Technologies, LLC – Green Brook, NJ – (732) 529-4884