With NIT as your trusted partner in IT support, we will:

  • Take an in depth look to get to know your goals, expectations and budget in order to serve YOUR IT Support Services wants.

  • Prevent potential disasters in computer support such as data loss and downtime from happening instead of reacting to the fire.

  • Provide comprehensive IT Support to a range of businesses and have a range of solutions to fit the size of your company and your budget.

  • Improve your quality of life with IT Support that lets you put the focus back on running your business.

  • Have a managed services team on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year so you can relax with round the clock security, updates, backups and application maintenance.

NIT catches the technology problems that can create costly downtime before they affect your business. Assisting businesses with strategic computer network maintenance solutions and IT Management helps get the highest return on your technology investment. A well-maintained, proactively-serviced network and devices will always run better than those that are not.  With our Proactive Network Monitoring, Patch Management, and Device Optimization being performed on a regular basis, you will see a tremendous difference!  You can enjoy the benefit of NIT spending time to prevent fires, rather than you spending all of your time fighting them.  And if an abnormal situation does occur, we can have you notified and can get a recommended solution to you in less than an hour, in most cases.

No matter if your business needs computer network installation, network and server support, IT support management, computer repair and maintenance services, network consulting services, computer IT support and wireless network services, or remote & on-site support, we’ve got the solution!

With our knowledge and expertise, we can take the stress out of technology and let you focus on your business. Our computer network maintenance and IT Support experts are there for you, night and day.

Costs are vastly lowered against having your own in-house IT team as your services are all integrated and overlooked by a mixed team of IT professionals. There is no need to employ one expert in the many fields of IT when you can use NIT’s varied team of skilled IT technicians.

Taking IT service management out of your staff’s hands allows your entire team to focus on your core business and not let randomly occurring problems ruin the day.

NIT doesn’t just manage your services we also optimize them and see where time and money can be saved by combining systems and automating reports and monitoring.

With our complete Managed System solution you can certainly rest easy knowing that the IT side of your business is constantly monitored and in safe, expert hands. Our experience allows us to troubleshoot and repair issues quickly, saving you even more money.

For some companies, the prospect of employing someone to take responsibility of their IT systems can be expensive. Budgets don’t always stretch to allow a designated IT Specialist, and if your company uses systems,data and needs to be able to share documents, you may feel that you’re in a situation where you need an IT Specialist but can’t afford to employ someone full or part time.

Through these Managed Services, you can better control your overall operating costs, which is of utmost importance during these uncertain economic times.  A well-managed and efficiently executed Managed Services maintenance program will keep your system downtime to a minimum, which ultimately affects the bottom line.