Here is what some of our Happy Clients have to say about NIT

“I am pleased to recommend Network Information Technologies, LLC, for your consideration. I have worked closely with NIT and Mr. Lou Pizzigoni for three years now and have found this firm to provide service of the highest quality. Mr. Pizzigoni and the technicians employed at NIT are professional, knowledgeable, efficient and courteous.

Our Lady of Mount Virgin has contracts with NIT at both the parish level and the school level. Both parish and school personnel have observed that NIT is diligent in monitoring our systems and in providing ongoing upgrades in a timely manner. In addition, NIT has always responded quickly on the rare occasions when assistance was needed outside of the parameters of our contract.

NIT is a company that easily adjusts to the school and the parish schedules, and has always accommodated particular needs. Recently we upgraded the entire school technology system and NIT worked over a holiday weekend so that faculty and students had no disruption to classes or daily routines.

I am very pleased with the relationship that OLMV shares with NIT, and I recommend NIT without and reservations.”

V. Rev. Patrick J. Kuffner – Pastor

“I have been working with Lou Pizzigoni III and his team from Network Information Technologies, LLC (NIT) for the past three years. During this time the Academy for Urban Leadership Charter High School’s (AUL) technology needs have grown exponentially. His background of over 35 years in technology was apparent in all of our meetings and discussions. His recommendations always reflected the unique needs of the charter school. In addition to the servers, wireless access points, switches and all other equipment used to support our network, NIT also installed our Cisco VOIP’s solution using the cable telephone service. NIT has helped us acquire the technology that best servers our needs.

Mr. Pizzigoni and the NIT team are very attentive to our staff and have been most responsive and accommodating to our needs. Their response to our request for support is always prompt and reliable. As we are a fairly new and successful school we have had many ongoing construction projects that have presented many challenges for the technology department. NIT has from time to time had to work before or after hours and at times on the weekend to complete certain IT projects. NIT went the extra step and responded accordingly.

I recommend Mr. Lou Pizzigoini, III and his company, Network Information Technologies, LLC to you without reservation or concern. Their honesty and integrity are apparent in all of their dealings.”

Christine Lopac – Vice Principal

“It is my pleasure to recommend to you the services of Network Information Technologies, LLC (NIT). For the past five school years, NIT has been the primary service provider for Village Charter School’s (VCS) technology needs and the quality of their work has been excellent.

With Mr. Lou Pizzigoni’s support guidance, our schools technology infrastructure has grown significantly since 2007. His knowledge of technology, as well as the technology needs of schools – including the unique needs of charter schools – has helped us acquire the equipment and network infrastructure that best serves our needs. The ongoing support that NIY has provided VCS over the past five years includes the expansion of our local area network (LAN) with the following:

  • Implementation of full campus wide wireless
  • The upgrade of our wired network infrastructure of over 220 lines to a gigabit backbone
  • And the purchase and installation of new servers, switches, routers and firewall

We currently have received funding and contracted with NIT for the installation of a new telephone system that will better serve our faculty and staff needs. In addition, NIT’s basic maintenance services have kept our technology operating in top condition. We experience virtually no down time.

We have enjoyed an excellent professional relationship with Mr. Pizzigoni. He and the NIT team are very attentive to our staff and have been most responsive and accommodating to our needs. If a project requires work after hours or on the weekend to complete it, they are ready and able to do so. In additional to working with us with respect to E-rate payments for NIT;s services, Mr. Pizzigoni has also been very reasonable in arranging a manageable payment schedule for our school’s portion of the service payments.

The VCS principal and business manager have both been very pleased with NIT’s services. The VCS staff has also commented on more than one occasion about NIT’s responsiveness and knowledgebase. We recommend them to you highly without reservation.”

Leigh Byron, ED.D. – Head of School

“It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Network Information Technologies (NIT).

Medemerge is a busy medical practice which implemented a new EMR in April 2010.  Prior to our affiliation with NIT, Medemerge used a smaller company to assist with all computer & technology issues.  During the EMR implementation and for several months we spent entire days with three members of the Medemerge staff trying to iron out “slowness issues”, computers freezing and other technical issues.  It was more than a fulltime job and our previous vendor was unable to help us and provide the support and responsiveness we required.  We constantly found ourselves on calls to our EMR vendor with nothing getting resolved. We realized we needed to bring in a knowledgeable staff.

We began using NIT to trouble shoot and help us resolve the issues that were plaguing us and decreasing our productivity.  The NIT staff quickly became the middle man between our EMR and our hardware and they were able to successfully manage our vendor relationships.  NIT was able to “speak their language”, while keeping us in the loop of all changes and updates. Using NIT to manage our relationships allowed issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently. They were able to prevent us from experiencing any downtime.

Our EMR platforms require attention and maintenance, whether it is issues either with the internet, operating systems, hardware, etc.  NIT has come into our office, addressed all those issues and has continued to maintain and enhance our infrastructure.   NIT monitors our updates and keeps us current which keeps us operational and seeing patients.

Medemerge has qualified for two years of Meaningful Use incentives as well as a becoming a level 3   Medical Home.  These milestones bring more revenue and credibility into the practice.  NIT made it possible for us to reach these goals.  Their staff was instrumental assisting us in developing the necessary changes in workflow which allowed us to reach all the objectives.

All offices require IT personnel who can solve a variety of technical problems.  It is no longer a job that the medical staff or even a savvy computer user can trouble shoot and resolve.  NIT offers a professional, responsive staff that creates a highly cost effective solution.

Betsy Parman – Practice Administrator

In closing NIT provides excellent customer service which is rare today.”