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Your trusted IT Partner

Network Information Technologies, LLC is a family-owned managed service provider that was established to serve businesses, individuals, and organizations with technology they need to succeed in this highly digital world.

Our team has over 75 years of combined experience in the information technology industry, and we are committed to providing top-tier services.

Whether you're looking for a complete IT team, or additional support to complete yours, we are here to help!

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Partnering with businesses of all sizes to provide technical resources that help achieve business goals. Custom solutions created for each situation as no two companies' needs are the same.

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Compassionate leadership helps build trust, increase collaboration and decrease turnover. Respect for each employee is shown daily and every perspective is valued while delivering clear and effective communication.

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Consistent reliable performance on routine tasks while also demonstrating creativity when problem solving. We handle adversity with resilience and integrity to overcome obstacles. 

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Our team is built on a foundation of strong ethics and respect. Inclusivity and openness foster a spirit of innovation by encouraging the fair exchange of ideas amongst colleagues and leaders. 

About Network Information Technologies (NIT)

Here at NIT, we provide a consultative approach to technology and utilize a wide range of services that will strengthen your business with greater productivity and efficient communication. We specialize in network design and support, data backup and recovery, managed IT, and security management.

Every network infrastructure design, however successful, needs to be refreshed every few years. IT network design and implementation is a great opportunity to build new infrastructure without affecting resources essential for day-to-day operations. Our team will meet to assess your current infrastructure. Together we will comprehensively plan  to manage, allocate resources, and improve your environment.

It's hard to not be concerned with the safety of your company's data. Natural disasters, hardware failures, theft and viruses have been known to wipe out a company's data, causing them to lose irreplaceable information and spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. not to mention the loss of time and added frustration. If you use even a single computer for your business, your electronic data is probably your organization's most valuable asset and loss of that data would have a serious impact on your business. We can provide solutions that will fit any size organization and budget.






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