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The Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Running a small business can be a tough venture that often feels like a juggling act. The lack of extra hands forces employees to take on a wide variety of tasks that may not necessarily fall within their area of expertise. Quality begins to slip, resources are spread thin, and confidence wanes as overwork fatigues even the most capable staff members.

Outsourcing IT responsibilities is a great way a business can improve their IT infrastructure, reduce downtime and cut costs. At Network Information Technologies (NIT) we provide technical partnership to assist with all business technology needs.  Our team of experienced individuals can step in at any point of operations and provide and instantaneous boost to technical operations. Here are a few ways working with a Managed IT Provider can benefit your business.


Gain Access to a team of Experts

Top tier talent is difficult to come by, not to mention expensive. Receive the benefit of on-call expertise with an MSP while only paying a fraction of the cost of a full-time specialist. Gain access to our team of technicians who specialize in various areas of IT ranging from Cybersecurity to Network Infrastructure. Eliminate the need to hire full-time specialists when handling complex IT issues.


Improved Budgeting

Business Meeting

Working with an MSP can help organize, plan and mitigate your technology budget while increasing the level of service you receive. Our simplified consultative approach will identify technology needs and address them in a manner that best suits each individual business. Planning for the future is always a part of the conversation as running outdated/obsolete technology can become costly as needs evolve with forecasted growth.

IT Vendor Management

Leverage our vendor relations to get access to more competitive enterprise-level pricing and favorable terms for services. We can also manage hardware, software licenses and any infrastructure needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Network Wiring

Less Network Downtime

Time is money and the less you spend unable to operate the more money you can earn.  Through active network assessments and review of critical business systems, we provide proactive measures to catch potential problems before they happen. Creating a business continuity plan and monitoring your network infrastructure will mitigate down time.


Faster Response Time

Network Information Technologies offers 3 tiers of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) which determine appropriate response time to IT events. In addition, we conduct quarterly IT performance and satisfaction reviews to ensure all aspects of our agreements are being followed and that goals remain aligned.


Improve Core Business Focus

Let us handle the technology. We’re good at it. This gives your business one less thing to think about while IT capabilities are elevated. Introducing a responsive Helpdesk can free up in-house resources, whether technical or not, from handling break-fixes and allocate them for higher priority tasks.

Business Growth

Enhance Scalability

As your business grows over time it will outgrow its current technology resources. Managed Service Providers can deliver a wide range of support to meet evolving needs. Minimize growing pains by utilizing our team of experts and experience smooth transitions as your business travels through its growth phases.

Stronger Data Protection

Reduce vulnerabilities through 24/7 monitoring and various cybersecurity solutions. Email encryption and Security Awareness Training will enhance data protection business wide.  Social engineering scams have become a frequent and severe threat to businesses. Educate employees about cybersecurity while increasing their security awareness for identifying, avoiding and reporting malicious IT attacks.

Cloud Computing Graphic

Maximize Cloud Computing

Allow our team to help your business adopt cloud computing. This will help lower security risks, improve process scalability and optimize infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for in-house servers. We will help streamline data migration, both on-site and off-site, to get you up and running.


Working with a Managed IT Service Provider can provide a tangible boost for small to medium sized businesses. If your business is looking to streamline technical solutions give us a call!


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